Since today’s economy is not static, companies need to be flexible. The important thing is to act with change instead of trying to avoid it. Being flexible means realizing the need for change and foreseeing potential benefits. As BPR, we can help you see issues from different perspectives, take advantage of new business opportunities, manage your company, resources and risks better.  

BPR provides ideas and solutions   for clients own specific needs and adds value them by foreseeing the problems and the difficulties in the business environment. To this extend, BPR   provides a wide range of consultancy services as outlined below:

Project, Contract and Risk Management
•    Project and Contract Management with international standards, specifically for the World Bank and EC funded projects ,
•    Project , Risk and Contract Management,
•    Development of Terms of Reference, development of project documents, development of evaluation mechanism, evaluation of proposals for the World Bank and EC funded projects

Organization and Institutional Building
•    Reorganization  and modernization of public administration
•    Organization and management of education systems
•    Development of management and information systems
•    Institutional reorganization and development
•    Project management and audit (technical, financial, procedural)
•    Outsourcing

Private Sector Development

•    Conception and organization of support institutions for SMEs
•    Strategic planning and management
•    Structural diagnosis and feasibility studies
•    Feasibility studies

Rural Development
•    Rural development and farming programmes
•    Rural training
•    Need assessment and project development

Private Sector Consultancy
•    Market research
•    Marketing strategies
•    Business restructuring and organization
•    Company performance evaluation

Education, Training and Human Resources Management
•    Training needs assessment
•    Design of training programmes
•    Preparation and testing of teaching materials
•    Training of trainers
•    Evaluation of training actions
•    Organization and management of training units
•    HRD strategies and policies

Health Services
•    Health Systems Planning and Management
•    Human Resource Development
•    Hospital Feasibility Studies and Needs Assessment