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About Us

BPR is a consulting firm which offers its clients a complete line of services which include Management Consulting, Risk Management , Information Technology  , Informatin System Auditing and  Training Services has international associates.

BPR has a proven track record of assisting of clients improve the Management Information and Accounting Systems, Project, Risks Contracts and Quality Management of the complex projects and overall management of their Human Resources and to enable them to realize greater efficiencies in changing environments, many of which have become increasingly competitive. It provides IS auditing services with internationally accepted standards.

The unique strengths of the BPR Team derives from its vast experience on Institutional Development and Information Technology and  its incomparable experience and expertise in Improvement and Information Systems Technology projects in Turkey.

We bring experience not only in the large scale information technology projects; we also offer our proprietary systems development methodology: BPRM methodology.


Expertise of BPR spread out to the following sectors

  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Finance and Banking
  • Environment / Water & Waste
  • ICT
  • Agriculture
  • Rural development
  • Health
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Social Security


BPR is committed to providing the highest quality, IS Auditing, Management Consulting, Information Technology  Consulting and Risk Management services.


BPR has significant experience on development of Terms of Reference, development of Pre-Qualification document, Contract and Project  Management of the World Bank and EU funded projects.

BPR has been established in 1997. However, the partners are highly experienced provider of consulting services who possess extensive knowledge of Project, Contract, Risk and Quality  Management. BPR  is located in Ankara however, it provides services in Turkey and Internationally.


At BPR, our approach is reflecting our belief that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in our business. Each client has their own unique set of objectives, risks and conditions. Only by understanding their individual situation and expectations can we provide the most effective and efficient solutions within a reasonable time frame. At BPR we constantly strive to better our own performance, such that we can provide improved and value added services to our clients. Utilizing our unique frameworks, in-house developed models and other proprietary tools and techniques, BPR professionals can help our clients to understand and manage risks across the enterprise, at the business unit and in processes as well.


BPR has experienced competent staff of people, providing services in different sectors. Our staff is from many different backgrounds, working in an environment where they can innovate and develop new ideas along with gaining in-depth, industry specific knowledge and experience. BPR staff is directed towards achieving a common goal of adding value in every service provided to our clients. This approach gives our organization an invaluable way for helping our clients with a range of services backed by experience, ideas and solutions that are locked onto the main objective of ours: your success.



Our Vision is;
Being one of the selected, esteemed, qualified, trustable consultant companies, establishing its corporate structure with global standards offering sufficient and of good quality services.

Our mission is;
To contribute the development of the competition strength of the companies in national and international markets. To assist companies in order to develop and implement for  efficient and fruitful  Information Technology for a satisfactory competition, to form know-how. To support and contribute the growth of the consultancy sector and Information Technology.


Our Approach
"Quality", "Honesty", "Business Morals" and “Customer Satisfaction"  “Confidentiality and Trust with our shareholders", are the main business principles of BPR

  • Continuous improvement in order to reach excellency ,
  • Proactive working for a rapid change,
  • Create ambience and possibility in order to create high performance,
  • Together with people that have team spirit and qualified and motivated,
  • Offering services to meet expectations of customers fully,
  • Not to offer solution only, walk together for solution with customer

This is the  summary of our philosophy....